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Ez 0 csillag -Ami jó az ez , Oleksandr fejlesztőtől a tökéletes kiegészítő gratula neki ! Ő érdemel millió csillag !!!!

This is 0-star -As good this is https: // Oleksandr Developer is the perfect complementary compliment for her! He deserves millions of stars !!!!

No Resource URI Leak

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Great addon, thanks! Maybe a incompatibility with Scroll To Top ... but unfortunately it breaks the Add-On
After installed No resource URI add-on there is a issue with icons on the screen (seems that the pictures of the arrows are not loaded
Please whitelisted,if possible,thanks

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Weather Forecast +

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Thank you for this great,excellent add-on. I have a problem with the add-on
I use Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate and Firefox 33.01.
The problem: install add-on, works perfectly ,there toolbar icon. Try to restart firefox- toolbar icon is not displayed , and is not shown in any customization.
I tried disabling all add-on troubleshooting and restarting Firefox , toolbar icon FWF is not displayed.
I tried troubleshooting portable Firefox, the problem remained.
There is a solution? I want to use add-on FWF. Thank you for your help, cooperation.
Thanks for the advice,reply
I did troubleshooting- restart Firefox blocked all add-on, and starting one by one.Works perfectly add-on FWF.Next time I will use clean profile.

thank you again for your help

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