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名稱 Roberto Cravallo
加入日期 April 11, 2013
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Hi John, thank you so much for this! This is what is really missing in T-Bird and you implemented it nice and easy. If I understand it correctly, you also sign responsible for QUICKTEXT. You provide my favorite tools, thank you very much from Mannheim.

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What a shock after updating to TB45 and blowing away QUICKTEXT! Thank you very much GT_Mtuser for your fix, works for me!!!

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Unfortuanately it is still not working for me under OS X.

Any ideas?

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Unfortuanately the fix does not work for me on my OS X.

Any ideas? I would really, really miss this extension!

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Awesome Auto Archive

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Very nicely done and but for one bug (?) not usable for me.

The problem: I get a mail from "CASHCONTROL" when I use my credit card. So I have a lot of mail from the same sender with the same subject. Only thing different: the date. If I tell AAA to "move" the mail from the in-box, it tells me, that the mail already exists and will not move it. Technically the mail does not exist, as the date is different!!!! Can't see a way around this!

How to solve: When checking for duplicates, the date has to be checked also! It is only a duplicate, if it has the same date/time stamp.

Or: Maybe allow a move without checking for duplicate?

5 stars and surely my favorite tool for THUNDER once this is "fixed"!!!

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