Amila Climax


名稱 Amila Climax
地點 Sri Lanka
職業 University Student
加入日期 March 25, 2017
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Notepad (QuickFox)

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Plz update quickfox note! firefox won't be worth without this. we want something with right click menu option → send to note....

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Forecastfox Weather

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Plz update to be compatible with firefox new versions... we don't like the add-on bar icon...

Notepad (QuickFox)

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

I stick to a previous version... cos new version doesn't show the "send to QuickFox" context menu, I don't know why...I have the latest firefox version and win 7, however, this add-on is the best...especially the context menu feature. other browsers don't have an add-on like this.. simply "evernote" or other that kind of add-ons can't replace this. cos this does a different job! Let's say if we want to save single words(we say difficult words for a nonenglish speaker) in evernote whenever we save a word they go to separate notes. no to a single page. so this is a multitask brilliant add-on for those users. and tab feature is one that makes this very handy. please pay attention to"send to" context menu in future updates!! thanks..