Magyar helyesírási szótár 版本記錄

版本: 14



版本 1.7.2webext 714.9 KiB

版本 1.7.1webext 763.6 KiB

版本 1.7 768.4 KiB

版本 714.8 KiB

版本 709.0 KiB

Added unpack=true property, localized name and description, and support for Bluegriffon to install.rdf.

版本 1.6.1 708.0 KiB

Spell checking dictionary has been updated from version 1.6 to version 1.6.1.

版本 1.6 704.0 KiB

The latest Hungarian spellchecking dictionary with a few new words and corrections.

版本 1.5 689.0 KiB

The new version of this dictionary contains extended and corrected vocabulary.

版本 1.4 453.0 KiB

New features of this release include better compund word handling, i.e. the 6-3 rule applied significantly better thanks to scanning and classifying of more than 10 thousand dictionary words. Moreover, most of the bugs reported by Origo have been corrected.

版本 1.3 449.0 KiB

Updated dictionary version to 1.3. This version requires hunspell library which is available in Mozilla products based on Gecko 1.9 and above.

版本 1022.0 KiB

Update to fix incompatibility with Firefox 2. See bug 412386.

版本 1.1.3 494.0 KiB

Updated the dictionary, because the previous compilation had to many errors ... this one has also some errors, but it's still very useful.

版本 1.1.2 1.0 MiB

this update (1.1.2) corrects the display of the Hungarian language, instead of hu_HU now it displays "Hungarian"

版本 1.1.1 1.0 MiB