GlodaQuilla search indexing enhancements 版本記錄

版本: 3



版本 0.3.5 24.3 KiB 相容於 Thunderbird 60.0 - 60.*

Updated for Thunderbird 60.

版本 0.3.3 23.0 KiB 相容於 Thunderbird 3.0pre - 24.*

Supports TB 5.0

版本 0.3.2 23.0 KiB 相容於 Thunderbird 3.0pre - 3.2a1pre

This version’s primary purpose is to provide compatibility with Thunderbird 3.1, and its new ability that partially duplicates GlodaQuilla’s ability to suppress indexing of folders.

Two new features have been added:

Inherited indexing suppression may be disabled

For many users of Thunderbird 3.1, the new core functionality to suppress indexing per folder will be sufficient. For that reason, GlodaQuilla’s inherited indexing suppression may be selectively enabled (in the GlodaQuilla options page from the addon manager.) For new users, inherited properties are disabled by default. For any existing users who have previously set inherited properties for indexing suppression, GlodaQuilla’s options will remain enabled.

Indexing suppression will now be reflected in Gloda’s database

Previously, if you suppressed indexing for a folder, that stopped future indexing but did not get reflected in the existing gloda database index. Now, when you enable or disable indexing for a folder, that will get reflected in the results that appear in message searches using gloda.