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Hi, I'm new to this. Where's the chat? ;-)


OpenDownload² 需要重新啟動

OpenDownload² extends the "Save" dialog by a "Run" button to open the file directly.

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QFO - Quick Fuck Off 需要重新啟動

This extension serves the purpose of providing instant access to the FOAAS web service. FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

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I really love this theme (visually), but it breaks the Tree Style Tab extension. The tabs on the left side of the browser window are always icon-size. Please fix this - currently (for me) this theme is broken. :-(

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Massive Extender

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What's wrong with sexuality?

5 stars, great add-on.

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Thank you very much. Works as advertised and doesn't add unnecessary bloat. :-)

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Works very well for me :) the only thing I'm missing is an "auto-convert" feature. Selecting and clicking is annoying. :)


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A version working with the Element Properties add-on (recent Fx versions) is available in the MozillaZine forums:

Maybe you could adapt this tiny change? :)

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Multi Links

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Hm, I wanted to rate it a 4/5 :-) but now the new v2 is there... 5 stars. Keep it up!

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Display Quota

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Great add-on, but some bugs are left:

opener.smallerBar is not a function
opener.largerBar is not a function

4/5 stars.

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Any chance to make this one work with the Element Properties add-on? :)

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After Delete

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Works, but one thing I wonder about:

Fehler: SetNextMessageAfterDelete is not defined
Quelldatei: chrome://after-delete/content/overlay-messenger.js
Zeile: 115

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great idea at all :) especially for vista/mac users...

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It doesn't obviously like IMAP subfolders... I lost 2 / 3 after MultiXpunging...

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I wonder that no-one had this idea yet. :)

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Great add-on, it replaced WizzRSS some time ago and will most likely never be replaced again. :)

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