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This add-on does just what it has to do. But after archiving some folder, the focused message is at the end. I can't explain better since I'm not native English and I can't speak German.

I think this add-on looks for old messages starting from recent ones to older ones, so when it finishes archiving, the focused or selected message that you see when you enter the folder, is always at the end, not at the beginning as usual. So you have to use scrollbars or press some keys to get to the top. Maybe this could be arranged, and then this add-on would by simply perfect. :-)

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Account Colors

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Really useful add-on. But it doesn't work properly with "Enhanced Priority Display" (or vice versa). Could you add a new option for task panel about priority messages? That would be so nice! Just a way to highlight priority emails... and no need for "Enhanced Priority Display"... :-)

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Great great add-on.

But it'd be better if you could link every template with different accounts. When you write a new message from a specific account, the associated template should be used.

I don't know whether my explanation is correct. Sorry for my bad English. ;)

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Mail Merge

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It would be very more useful if we can specify a recipient threshold. I'll try to explain it (sorry for my bad English):

If you write an email with 120 recipients, and you have a limit of 50 recipients for email, it would be great if this add-on create 3 emails, not 120. One with 50 recipients, one with the next 50, and finally a third one with 20.

此意見為舊版本 (1.2.0) 的附加元件。