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i don't know why this addon won't work with anything i did following instruction, etc.
Enigmail seems not to be able to locate ore recognise the gnuPG i've installed. even with the standard option to install the gnuPG.
no matter which app file i chose whether in gpg4win or gnupg folder, it just won't work.

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Thumbnail Zoom Plus

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Title explained.
Obviously a Must Have Add-Ons in Firefox.

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Beyond Australis

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I am also using Diigo Toolbar.

Whenever I'd like to use it and load the Diigo Toolbar, I have to disable this The Fox-Only Better - Add-on first. And then re-enable this The Fox-Only Better Add-on.

Else, if I don't disable The Fox-Only Better Add-on, the Diigo Toolbar wont show it's icons on the toolbar. It only shows blank Diigo Toolbar instead. Without any icons.

Still very useful and nice Add-on. Hopefully the dev would do something about that problem with Diigo Toolbar.
Thanks very much for The Fox-Only Better.

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Nice. It really add some feelings onto Firefox.

Beyond Australis

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Excellent add-on.
And, woohoo..!! It works with Themes quite well.
Thanks very much for this to Dev.

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