名稱 MaDonna
地點 Washington State, USA
職業 Wife/Mother/Grandmother/Great Grandmother
加入日期 April 30, 2012
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I'm a great grandmother who learns something new everyday using Photoshop Elements. Will I remember how to do it tomorrow? Hopefully!

I began designing Persona themes in 2009. I mainly work on Nature graphics using the Pacific Northwest as my canvas. I was asked to make wallpapers to match my themes. I put the link for the matching wallpaper in the Theme description. I am also using working with paintings and making them work for a theme. It takes a lot of manipulation with Photoshop to do this, but I love the old paintings. And hope you like them for themes.

I have learned everything by trial and error. A lot of error! More themes got sent to the recycle bin than I submitted!

I got interested in taking photos other than my grandkids so started taking nature photos. I live in a beautiful area where the forests, mountains and seashore are right around the corner. I use many of my photos to make themes and wallpapers.

My thanks to all of you that use my designs and take the time to review them. I really appreciate the time it takes for you to do so. I am aware that time is valuable and the older you get the more valuable time becomes.

If it wasn't for you, the users I wouldn't be doing this.

Check out my blog sometime and become a follower. madonnaspersonas.blogspot

Check out the You Tube video Mozilla made of me. Go to You Tube and put in meet madonna


Minions at the Beach by MaDonna

Theme Designed by MaD♥nna
© MaDonna

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Green Waves of Light by MaDonna

My wallpaper to match is at:

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Summer Explosion by MaDonna

Designed by MaDonna

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Lights of the North by MaDonna

My wallpaper to match is at:

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Eyes of Black Cat by M♥Donna

Theme Designed by MaD♥nna

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cute superheroes by candelora

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

very, very cute!


評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This is just adorable. Super job. Love it.

fl vie

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Super good job. I would never thought of putting these two colors together. Very nice.

Sunset on the beach v11 by CP

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

You placed this perfectly. ★★★★★

Van Ruisdael Painting

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Love the old boats. Great job in the placement.

Wood in the lake

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Beautiful, rositza. Beautiful work. ♥

Night falls over the lake

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Absolutely perfection! ♥

Voilier en Orient

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Very nice. I love the old ships. Well placed. Well done.

painting-drawi style

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

I love the "subtleness" of this theme. Great job!

in the green leaves

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Very nice placement an I like the light green color. It is soothing to the eyes.

rose in the green

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

I really like this pretty pink rose on the green background with the bit of sunlight.


評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This is really cool. I love it. Good job!

love me tenderly...

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Too cute for words!


評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This is very, very nice. Elegant.

Anne of Green Gables IV

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

The book was one of my Mother's favorites. And I read it when I was younger. A long time ago!

Tree and swing

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Very, very nice. Great job!

Rome - Panorama on Tiber

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Very, very nice, Girl!


評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This is just too cute! Great job! ♥

Background-62 Autumn

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

I love ths simplicity of this theme. Good job!

gentle love

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

So sweet.