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評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Thanks to Authors and contributors for fixing long standing drag'n'drop bug!

Works great now!

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Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Just seems to work silently in the background without a murmur for weeks since install.

This is just what I want an Add-on like this to do.

I echo the DaLi review below (especially the part: "I wish all the ad-ons were this good.")

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評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This has been a game changer for me - from the lumbering, old, built-in Address Book to something that is a quantum leap forward.

Even with the great Add-on "MoreFunctionsForAddressBook" at the poor old built-in Address Book just can't compete any longer with CardBook.

Mozilla would do well to introduce CardBook as a complete replacement for Address Book especially as the import function in CardBook works quite well.

CardBook will even properly sync ID photos for online address books.

Frequent attention via frequent updates inspires confidence.

Thank you and well done to Philippe V.

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Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This extension worked almost perfectly.
Almost nothing in this world works almost perfectly.
Why do people think that what works is no longer worth keeping?

Just because something is new doesn't mean it's better or even any good and reversion is actually sometimes the better choice.
Nothing should be removed that facilitates good until something is available that can do the job better.

Please not only bring back the MAFF but also make it native to Firefox!

This would be a great innovative step for Mozilla to take and therby posiibly lead all the other browsers into something thousands have already found to be most worthwhile.

Isn't the whole point of computing and of Mozilla in general to make life easier and more efficient - not less so?

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Session Manager

評分: 3 / 5 顆星

Works fine for me here on version Firefox 55.0.3 64bit.

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