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名称 Ken Saunders
位置 Boston-ish, Ma. U.S.A.
职业 Web Developer, Mozilla Foundation volunteer
注册时间 March 5, 2007
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Other add-on contributions.
For some insane reason, links are no longer permitted in the description here so please search for these add-ons by their names.

Big Buttons:
Extra large colorful toolbar buttons for Firefox.

Page Zoom Button:
A single toolbar button to control full page zoom in Firefox. Click on or scroll over the button to use.

Zoom Button for Thunderbird
Zoom in, zoom out, and reset page zoom with one toolbar button.

Theme Font & Size Changer
Change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey.


Stylish Tools 需要重开

Quicker access to several Stylish features through a toolbar button and/or keyboard shortcuts. Available for Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey

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Stylish - Custom themes for any website


If you're considering using Stylish, do yourself a favor and just hit Add to Firefox right now.
I've used it for many years, it's my most used add-on, and my favorite.

Stylish was essential when I was learning CSS and it still is for learning new additions. It would have been more difficult and time consuming to understand and experiment with CSS if Stylish hadn't been around.
It has been a big help with developing some of the add-ons that I've made.
It has allowed to remove annoyances and distractions from websites.
It has allowed me to customize Firefox the way that I like and that best suits my needs. I have poor eyesight and being able to change colors, images, icons and sizes, fonts and anything else has made using Firefox itself more enjoyable and usable (Mozilla Thunderbird too).
I've used, and continue to use Stylish while working on my websites, and customizing WordPress themes.
Stylish may even be able to cook me breakfast, I just haven't tried it yet.

Firefox developer tools has nothing that compares or that is more comfortable and easy to use as Stylish and I'll be sticking with it.

I'm surprised and a little embarrassed that I've never left a review. Perhaps I did years ago, but I'm ok with writing a new one because you Jason, deserve praise and kudos for Stylish itself, for maintaining it for all of these years, and for putting up with that crap that you went through when developers were being called out about memory usage.

Thanks sincerely.
You rock!

@riveter change the size to whatever you want.
#stylish .textbox-textarea {
font-size: 1.4em !important;




Like someone else mentioned, this should be a default feature.

Thanks for developing it.




I'm using this in Thunderbird and it's greatly appreciated.

I've been trying to find an easy way to customize my (Lightning) calendar colors because the color picker provided has a very limited amount of colors and most of them I don't care for, but now I can use any color that I desire.

Sincere thanks for your time, work, and effort put into developing this add-on.

Stacked Inspector


The only thing that I'm disappointed about is that I hadn't installed this sooner especially considering that it's been around for a long time.

I love it.
I use a large font size for the DOM Inspector and in order to see the full path and/or value, I have to either drag the divider over to the left to reveal it, or squint to read it in the tooltip.
It's also just a much better way to view and interact with the DOM Inspector.

Thanks for developing it.

Lightning Month Tabs


I like one click access to things so this is add-on is perfect for me.

Thanks for developing it.


Sort and Search Customization Dialogs


So simple yet so very cool and helpful.

Thanks for developing it.


Add-ons Manager Context Menu


Great features for those that love add-ons and work with them often.
I especially like being able to go directly to an add-on's files.

Thanks for developing it.


Generic CSS Loader 2


Thanks sincerely for bringing this back.
It's a great and helpful tool for quickly editing and applying CSS for pages and the browser.


Mail Summaries


A really useful homepage for Thunderbird.
It provides a great overview of each account and quick access to many areas.


Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks


I'm very happy to have this, especially for Thunderbird.

Thanks for developing it.

Notepad (QuickFox)


Great work with this add-on, I'm enjoying using it. I also like the additional scripts available for it.

One thing that I'd like to have is the ability to open it up in the sidebar to takes notes while viewing web pages. It would expand its usefulness imo.




Hey this is cool and works great.

Thanks for writing it.

Bitcoin Block Explorer


Thanks for creating this.
It's very useful and handy

TT DeepDark


Beautiful work.
It's great to see the tradition of high quality, sharp and sleek Bloomind themes brought to another Mozilla application, and one that needs more themes because it's so overlooked and a pain to write themes for.

Thanks for developing it.


TweeQuilla - Twitter for Thunderbird


I didn't realize that I needed to install New Account Types. That was why Thunderbird was crashing.
I saw a user's comment on your site with the same issue and your answer was to install New Account Types.

You should make that clear here.

Thanks for another great add-on.

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TweeQuilla - Twitter for Thunderbird


I installed it.
Went through the steps to allow access, once the account was created, I hit ok, Thunderbird crashed.
Same thing for the second try.
The 3rd try I disabled all add-ons except for TweeQuilla.
Went through the steps again, Thunderbird crashed.

I'm bummed because this is an awesome concept.
Perhaps I'll try it in a new profile. But, I will be back to check on updates. Your other extensions are great and work well, so I know that you'll get this straightened out.


Addons Manager Hilite


I spend a lot of time in the Add-ons Manager (add-on junkie) and that bug is very annoying especially when you have a lot of add-ons installed.
Thanks sincerely for writing this.

I've been using Stay-Open Menu for a while and that too is a very useful and appreciated extension.
Keep them coming. :)




Sad to see that this add-on was approved by AMO when it doesn't work on Firefox 4.0 at all. Seriously.
I even created a clean, new profile to see if it was just an add-on conflict but it wasn't. It just doesn't work.
I was a fan of this add-on, now I'm not and won't even bother to check back to see if the issues were fixed because apparently, all that was done was the max version number was bumped up.
Fail for this add-on.
Big fail for AMO editors for it being approved.

About Startup


"No restart required"
Had to restart Fx to view data. :|

Cool though. Thanks.




"To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction".

Firesheep has made a lot of people uneasy and perhaps anxious. BlackSheep provides some balance and sanity.

My understanding is that Firesheep wasn't developed for malicious purposes, it was to shed light on a serious issue, but of course it will be used maliciously and so it's all kind of like threatening to detonate a bomb in a highly populated city unless there's an end to all green house gasses. Or, more like providing the bombs to terrorists.

Thanks for developing BlackSheep. It works as advertised.