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Phoenity Icons


This is wonderful! I am not sure why we all have these wonderful, hi res color monitors and yet Thunderbird developers think that hideous empty icons with jagged black outlines is the way to go. I have to look at my mail all day long, and having some color and flair is easier on my psyche as well as my eyes. This developer makes good add-ons, and he was very responsive to my concerns about the blanket permissions issue. I value the work these devs put in on making up for the glaring shortfalls that crop up when Thunderbird drops these aesthetically grotesque updates on the rest of us. :) You wouldn't think icons make such a huge difference in productivity, but they do. Thank you!

Compact Headers


After the latest Thunderbird update, I was frustrated to find my old compact headers extension no longer active. I should be used to updates that break perfectly functional things by now. But it boggles the mind why Thunderbird can't implement a simple header toggle. This developer has brought functionality back to this program with this add-on. And he was great with answering concerns I had about the blanket permissions requirement. I don't generally review things, but these add-ons truly do increase my work productivity, and I am grateful! Thanks!