Dennis Smith


名称 Dennis Smith
位置 Ajax Ontario, Canada
职业 IT Professional
注册时间 Aug. 18, 2017
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Phoenity Icons


I like this addon for 78 -- except for the icon in front of every subject in the list view, it grabs the eye when looking for things - any chance of making it configurable? So 4* instead of 5

Gmail Buttons


A great add-on which has finally allowed me to play with gmail labels nicely in Thunderbird. HOWEVER, it is also the one add-on that is preventing me from moving to TB 78 ! Any thoughts on if/when?

Awesome Auto Archive


5-stars if it was updated for 68. This is a "must have" addon to manage multiple accounts!!

I would be very happy to contribute say $20US once its up for 68 -- please!