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Provider for Google Calendar


Works with TB 78.6.0 in both direction.
But I had to fiddle some hours in a TB version before (think, it was TB 78.4 or so), since then, it works.

As far as I remember, I had to cleanup TB cache

Then in a window in TB enter my Google credentials (and not click anything else while doing this, otherwise TB didn't remember my credentials correctly, maybe it forks to Firefox) and authorize the Provider as third party app (see


IMAP Quota (Free Space)


Correction: it doesn't work with 78.4, I saw TB's own quota display. So it seems, I don't need it anymore...



Worked. But due to a change in my windows installation, the target path for xnotes wasn't correct (my fault). So I could create xnotes but they were not kept and after some minutes, the xnote button showed in grey.
Think, think, checked the addon settings, corrected the target path - works !


Provider for Google Calendar


TB 78.4, had to update PfGC by xpi file. My calender disappeared, so I had to define it new. No new password entry needed, works !
Thanks !


Full Address Column


TB 78.4.0 and tried to update Show Address Only addon - found your message, installed Full Address Column and - voilà, I can display the sender and receiver mailadresses in native form again


Google Keep Tab


TB 78.4.0 : ThunderKeepPlus installed from file (didn't find an update). Before, I had the icon in the top bar - but in TB 78 it disappeared after each restart. I discovered, that I have to move the icon to the bar below: e.g. between the global search box and the three thick bars on the right - here, it is kept over the restart.

10.11.20: doesn't work anymore. Message says "Sie wurden abgemeldet. Aktualisieren Sie die Seite, um sich wieder anzumelden und weiterzuarbeiten." Translated: I was logged off and shall reload the page to login and continue.

When I click "Reload", the same message again. If I close the popup with the message, it stays but doesn't communicate with Google.

I cleared TB cache and cookies, no change.

Update: after I installed addon "G Suite in Tab", I got the same error for Google Keep. Then, I opened the Google calendar (from G Suite), got the Google login screen. I did a logoff/logon, now Google Keep works from both work: "G Suite" and "Thunderkeepplus".

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Phoenity Icons


Thunderbird 78.4.0 with incredible boring icons.
Installed Phoenity Icons -> Wow ! The world isn't grey anymore !


Provider for Google Calendar


TB 68.2.1 lightning with Google calendar - requirement in Nov 2019:
Open about:config in TB --> general.useragent.compatMode.firefox = true
This should be noted in the heading of this website to reduce the low ratings :-)


Download Status Bar


I use this addon since long time. But some weeks ago, I got in trouble while downloading files with new, longer filenames. The download doesn't start and cannot be removed from the download status line except by removing the addon (afterwards reinstalling). Removing the download simply from the firefox download list didn't resolve the problem as the file isn't shown there.

It seems to happen with very long or invalid file names.

Maybe this issue can be resolved in a further update...

Google Keep Tab


Although stated "compatible Thunderbird 13-45.*", version 0.9.1 runs in Thunderbird 52.0.1 32bit.

The addon just adds a button "Google Keep" to the menu bar of Thunderbird. If you push it, a new tab in the Thunderbird main environment is opened, that shows a browser window to Google Keep. You have to login in this browser window at the first call, then your credentials are saved. No settings in the addon itself, really simple.

And that's why I use this addon:

Websurfing with Firefox, I open links as tabs, so my tab bar is really filled.
Not so in Thunderbird, where I read my mails mostly in the preview window - so I have no or just few tabs in Thunderbird.

As I use lightning (connected to my Google Calendar), my Thunderbird becomes a "single point information center".

To enhance Thunderbird further to a single app mail/calendar/notice point, I installed this addon.

What I miss: some kind of addon to connect notices between XNote/Xnote++ and Google Keep


Duplicate Tab


Many thanks to Empatojayos, would not live without that little tool