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Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV


Works great with Nextcloud calendar and contacts.


Go Parent Folder


I've always been frustrated that Firefox didn't let me get from a search result to the bookmark's folder. This add-on finally solves that problem.

Show My Password


The feature that reveals the password when hovering over the password field is very convenient except for one thing: it ignores the current cursor position or selection and moves the cursor to the beginning, which is unfortunate if you are getting ready to type.

Saved Password Editor


Enables manual editing of the password manager (for the many times that Firefox fails to pick up a username/password).


DuckDuckGo (HTTP)


The so-called "HTTP" version of DuckDuckGo is actually HTTPS now. It looks like the description and screenshots are out of date. Could a developer clarify? Is this version now as private as the SSL versions of DuckDuckGo?

I prefer this version because it creates URLs for each search term (e.g. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=searchterm ). The SSL versions of DuckDuckGo just use the generic URL ( https://duckduckgo.com/ ) which means any time you reload the page, Firefox interrupts you with a dialog asking if you want to resend data. If you are on an unreliable connection where reloads are frequently necessary, this version of DuckDuckGo is much more convenient.




Attempts to monetize this extension have changed Readability from an enjoyable experience to an annoyance. Frequent updates seem only intended to force you to visit their web page asking for donations or sign up for stuff (their web page opens automatically for every update). There is also an invasion of privacy that never existed before. It sends information to the developer every time you use the extension. Look at the other reviews (below) for suggestions of other addons that do the same job without the annoyances.




This addon implements behavior I've wanted for a long time (before I knew this addon existed).

The default settings could be better. I increased the "sensitivity" to better match the height of the status bar, shortened delay to 200 ms and shortened the hover delay to 200 ms.