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Bogobogo's workaround is working. Nevertheless the XML master-template was obviously corrupted! (???)
I did a binary comparison of the XML master-template file stored in \profile\quicktext\templates.xml with an older backup template.
Both files were equal except for two additional leading bytes at the top of the template file from my backup. (Bytes: FF FE)
If you want to restore your possibly corrupted Quicktext template I recommend to open your template with HEX editor and add two additional leading bytes "FF" "FE" to the file.
It worked for me.
I hope there will be a bug fix of Quicktext as soon as possible.



CALDAV - Easy calendar configuration


Using TDB 24.1.0 and lightning 2.62 the "find" button does not show up!

Merci d'avance!



JunQuilla causes problems with the new release V24.
If the plugin is activated Thunderbird lacks blue highlighting of folders and accounts with unread messages.
Removing the plugin results in normal behavior of Thunderbird as expected.


Automatic Export


Ich bin, was die Export/Backup-Funktion angeht, mit Automatic Export sehr zufrieden.
Allerdings funktioniert das Aufrufen einer externen Applikation nach dem Export / Backup nicht. Ich erhalte immer eine JAVA-Fehlermeldung. Es wird eine Export-ics-Datei angelegt, aber die Applikation (in meinem Fall ein Script) wird nicht gestartet.
Statt dessen wird der Vorgang mit einer Fehlermeldung quittiert. Das Problem trat bereits seit der Vorgängerversion 0.5.0 auf.
Die Fehlerkonsole von Thunderbird gibt auch nicht viel Verwertbares her.


Automatic Export


I am using Thunderbird 3.1.1 and Lightning 1.0b2
I modified the install.rtf to change the maxVersions variable, as Jeff3832 did.
The extension is working but the automatic export on program termination does not seem to work.
There is a possibility as workaround:

The extension's settings allow to define a regular timer-based backup/export of your calendar.
Additionally I recommend to add the "export" and "backup" buttons to your E-mail clients toolbar, if you want to initiate a manual calendar export/backup.