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Phoenity Icons


This fixed most of the issues I had in migrating to v78, including reducing space between lines in the message summary pane.

I wasted a lot of time trying to use the userChrome.css file to suppress the envelope icons next to the messages in the same pane (as described above)... eventually I discovered that I needed to also go to Options-General-Config.editor and toggle
to "true"


Quick Folder Key Navigation


Just started using this extension. Seems to work OK.
Would be more confident if it was more heavily used and reviewed by other people and if it supported permissions so I had more confidence it did not leak any information.

What I was really looking for was an Add-On to provide a filter field for the folder pane. My list of folders has become rather unmanageable. The advantage of a filter field is that it I may not completely remember the folder name I am searching for, or there might be multiple similar ones. e.g. if I typed "ship" into a filter it could list "Shipping" and "Transfer-shipping" folders while this Add-In would just take me to "Shipping" and I would not be reminded of the alternative.