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Keychain Services Integration

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This plugin works as expected. There is nothing to configure, just install it and your passwords are stored to keychain and read from keychain instead of the internal storage or Firefox or Thunderbird.

For Mac users it just "feels natural" that applications store their passwords via the Keychain Service API. I was always disappointed that Firefox had no keychain support built-in; but for Thunderbird this was actually a showstopper! This addon is the *ONLY* reason why I started using Thunderbird again on the Mac! Finally I don't have to enter a Master Password each time Thunderbird is started, because w/o a Master Password your passwords are not really protected at all (every app with access to your profile folder can easily access and decrypt your e-mail passwords). Now all my mail passwords are securely stored in a keychain.

And I want to thank the author of this addon for implementing the Keychain Service API correctly! Some Mac developers, sometimes even Apple themselves, fail to use this API correctly. They always think the user will never have more than one keychain and this one keychain is always named "login". This is of course a major fail. The user may have hundreds of keychains, some may be shared with other users, some may not, and he is free to move items between them as he pleases. Sometimes, when I move a password from one keychain to another one, some apps fail to find it. Of course apps should always search all keychains in the Keychain List for their items, picking the first match found (as keychains are searched in a specific order that can also be controlled by the user) and they should always add new items to whatever keychain is the default keychain (which may not be named "login"). Actually both happens automatically if one doesn't tell Keychain Service otherwise. Also items should always be updated in place; some apps delete the old item first and then create a new one, but that can cause items to move from their current keychain back to the default keychain, it also causes a loss of access control rules, both is of course undesired. As far as I can see, this addon works exactly as it should :-)

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Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Very useful extension to get rid of those stupid icons on the tab bar (something Lightning should offer by in its preferences IMHO); however, there is one tiny bug. When you add these buttons now to the mail toolbar, they work without any issues, however, on my Mac, they don't get "highlighted" when you click them (usually, when you click a toolbar button and keep the mouse pressed, it is darkened until you release the button again; this works with all items except those provided by this extension).

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Keychain Services Integration

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Now that I switched to LastPass, I won't need this extension any longer, but it is great that such an extension exists! Where I would still need such an extension is for Thunderbird, since there is no LastPass plugin for Thunderbird unfortunately :-( This extension works great, as far as I tested it :-)

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