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Secure Addressing Plus Bắt buộc khởi động lại

Fork of "Secure Addressing" addon by Hiroya Matsuba with some added features.
This add-on provides features to avoid sending emails to wrong addresses. Key features are a confirmation window of recipient addresses upon sending.

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Secure Addressing

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Love this add-on. It frequently helps me avoid addressing mistakes.

I've posted a updated and fixed version which is compatible with Thubderbird 60.2.1 at the link below.

Just a warning: ALWAYS be careful about installing plugins from other websites! (You can open the plugin up and compare it with the original if you'd like to verify the changes I've made.)


If you have other fixes/changes to add then let me know on github.

Đánh giá này là cho một phiên bản trước của tiện ích (1.8).