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Hi Pastisman,

Thanks for your interest on the subject.
I am using Thunderbird 11.0, portable edition by portableapps.com. If I select one message protected by PREVENT DELETE and another not protected and press the 'del' at keyboard the protected message is not deleted and the unprotected is deleted, but if I press the button 'delete' with the mouse, both are deleted. I tried a number of times and always that behaviour repeats. I changed the tag name, but noting changed.

Here is available a BMP with a printscreen and some additional information:

Feel free to write me at sukhoi47 AT gmx.net

I have interest in cooperate with you because this is an extremely useful addon and I am searching for since I moved from Pegasus Mail to Thunderbird many years ago.

Ok, you're right, the "delete" button in the header of messages list when you select multiple messages keep the previous behavior. I found where it occurs in the code (multimessageview.xhtml) but didn't find yet how to fix it.Thunderbird code is quite weird at this place... Hope I will find an idea.

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Hi, this is a long waited addon, available since the romantic times on Pegasus Mail.

I tried it and works great IF you select just the protected e-mail, BUT if you select two e-mails, one protected and the another not protected, it fails on protect, and allow to delete both e-mails.

Hope you can improve and thanks again for your time developing useful addons!

Works fine for me. How do you delete e-mail (button ? Del key ?)
Which options did you select ?
Did you have only one tag on the message or several ?