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Does not always work, then shows only gravatars, but not the photos from address book.
Posted a list of my addons here http://www.thunderbird-mail.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=44680&p=233268#p233268
Any restrictions for picture format, size etc.?
[EDIT] Does not choose the right (main) address book, if same addresses are in more than one address book.

Đánh giá này là cho một phiên bản trước của tiện ích (0.1.2). 

Would you be able to send me an e-mail with more details on what isn't working correctly? My e-mail address is in the Support section of the add-on page.

I have no control over the order in which address books are searched. This add-on uses the first contact found with the sender's e-mail address which is the same contact listed under "from". Try the Duplicate Contact Manager add-on to remove duplicates.

There aren't really any restrictions on photos; as long as you can see the photo in the address book window it should work (assuming that is the only contact with that e-mail address). If you try to use a huge photo (several MBs) from the web then it isn't always saved correctly.