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Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

I use TbSync in conjunction with the Provider for Exchange ActiveSync. It allows me a complete and reliable synchronization with my Outlook calendar and contacts . It is in my view an essential extension of Thunderbird in any Windows environment, a must-to-have.
At the time of writing this review, I have it installed with Thunderbird 78.5.1 (64-Bit) and Windows 10 20H2 x64. It works flawlessly.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (2.19). 


Оцінка 5 з 5 зірок

Very useful add-on, I would say essential, extremely simple to use but filling an important gap of Thunderbird new versions . I have just installed it and tested on Thunderbird 78.5.1. x64 with Windows 10 20H2. It makes the highlighted text well visible also when receiving the email on my phone (Android 10 - Outlook and Gmail).
I saw no specific command to cancel an highlighting done; just an 'undo' however does the job.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (1.0).