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I am a long time Firefox and Thunderbird user, and I am too disappointed to see TbSync removed Google support, it was the only other such add on beside gContactSync I can use with Google, now both no longer work with Google, I can understand the frustration and dismay of other users. I did not read the full comment but still want to comment on that, if a feature removed from an add on for some reason, this will surely causing trouble to some people and make them unhappy, of course there are thousand ways to re-enable that feature if you are smart enough, you could even write your own code, but if something no longer works out of the box 'like the old days', then I will consider 'it doesn't support XXX' there is nothing wrong to say that right !? but of course we should not return with 'strong words' to the developer, instead we should keep digging to try find an alternative, after all most of us are not programmer/developer and using free s/w can't expect everything perfect !

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