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Thank you, John, for creating and maintaining TBSync. Activating the code still in the plugin (please never remove it!!), it works like a charm syncing my Google Contacts with Thunderbird.
I probably use only 1% of TBSync's potential, and that 1% is the one you like less (Google Contacts), but that's was I was looking for.

I'm sorry that some Google users forced you to discontinue your support to them and I thank you for keeping TBSync's ability to sync Google accounts so far.
Following your advice, I tried to flip the "extensions.dav4tbsync.googlesupport" property, but it doesn't exist: I had to create it manually, guessing (from your "flip") that it was a boolean property.
Luckily, I was right, and I guess it's a sort of test: if someone is clever enough to activate the support for Google then he's not a hot-headed annoying user... :-)
But maybe it would be nice of you if you could add that property during installation, or add more detailed instructions in your (locked) post at GitHub, so to avoid any unnecessary "it doesn't work with Google!" comments.

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