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*Updated ETA - Generally, I would agree with you and would not have written the review, however, I run Thunderbird on 4 machines. So, when ver 78 came out I was apprehensive to use Tbsync. I finally got it figured out and installed on one computer. Was just starting to install the updates on the others and come to discover that the 2 hours it took to get it to work initially all of sudden has zero support and no longer works. So, I have one machine where it works with your product and now have to find a completely new system which will require install on 4 computers. It also looks like I will have to pay for an email service that works. So...the add on originally supported google and now it doesnt. And, not to be a jerk, google can suck...well you know.

Please respond with some assistance or hope. I will then happily delete. Your work on all these projects has been great and I wished it would continue to help me but time marches on...

*ETA: I read Mr. Bieling's statement so what I said below really does not apply. I understand ... I guess, getting pissed at google users but that means I can no longer use Thunderbird so mozilla has lost a user. Seems like they are going downhill fast. Too bad, I had many of their products and donated for their work. Sorry to lose Thunderbird as it was the closest to Outlook and was a fantastic product but the developer gets to choose their customers. On well.

This might be the most difficult install in the history of apps for Thunderbird...or most any other program for that matter.

I have a simple gmail account. Everything worked fine before the change eliminated everything. I installed Tbsync and cannot figure out how to set up with google calendar and contacts. This is beyond frustrating. Why cant someone put something out there that explains a set up?

1. How do you set up google calendar?
2. How do you set up google contacts?

Any help is appreciated, otherwise, you lost me as a Thunderbird customer because I just need something that works and this aint it.

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (2.19). 

This Add-on does not support Goolge. Alternatives:
- CardBook
- Provider for Google Calendar

Please remove this rating, as it is invalid. A feature not advertised and not claimed by the description of the add-on cannot be marked as a fault.

Edit: As explained in the github announcement, the google code is still in the add-on. You have to activate it manually. I just do not want to support google users anymore.