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I am using the "Thunderbird 38.4.0".
I am one's favorite this add-on from one year ago.
However, why is the update of the "Thunderbird Conversations 2.10.1-let-fixed" is impossible.

Moreover, recently, to be in trouble, "thread view" is, to combine the other different Message.
This symptom occurs at Reply to the Message.
Minute that arrived immediately after the Message is, It binds to reply, it can not be separated.
If not the Reply is it looks fine.

In order to not be normal Reply, we disable this addon.
After disable, it is normal.

Please give me your support.
Or more

【Postscript (追記)2015-12-15】
Through the GitHub, results conveyed the issue to the author (protz), addon has been modified, and has been published (updated) Dec 12.
Normally can run download is, install was also able to complete.
Everything is normal.
Issue has been resolved.
Again, it will grant a perfect score.

This addon will visually restructuring “the message pane”. This function very useful.
And to uninstall the about one week that are no longer not working properly, I've returned to the default Thunderbird, Thereby, again, I was re-recognize the splendor of this add-on.
I will strongly recommend this add-on.

GitHub を介して、作者(protz)に issue を伝えた結果、addon が修正され、12/12 に公開(更新)されました。
正常に、download が実行でき、install も完了できました。

この addon は、「メッセージペイン」を視覚的に再編します。 大変重宝する機能です。 しかも多言語対応(正確な日本語で、平易です)で、至れり尽くせりです。
正常に動作しなくなった一週間ほどを uninstall し、Thunderbird の default に戻しましたが、改めて、この addon の素晴らしさを再認識しました。

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (2.10.1-let-fixed). 

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Davide - December 15, 2014 の Review に準じた印象です。

Цей відгук для попередньої версії додатку (2.8.1).