Richard Muthwill

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Namn Richard Muthwill
Plats Some Computer, Sweden
Yrke Teacher
Användare sedan mars 29, 2013
Antal tillägg utvecklade 3 teman
Genomsnittliga betyg för utvecklarens tillägg Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor

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My name's Richard Muthwill and I love everything to do with computers and the internet.

In my spare time I develop snipits of code for future use, as well as work on smaller projects.

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Betygsatt 5 utav 5 stjärnor

This addon has been updated and is now working with the latest versions
Such an amazing add-on, absolutely invaluable for my work e-mails, when sending quotes to clients and I need to make sure to send another email just to see if they want to book. It's saved me so much time instead of manually having to check every single e-mail I send.

A MUST HAVE for any business owner!!!