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Namn John Digby
Plats Haverhill, Suffolk. England.
Yrke Retired
Användare sedan okt 13, 2008
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I had to retire seven years ago now, due to ill-health. I have interests which include:- angling, driving, computing, cooking (vegetarian), light gardening, watching sci-fi series on the telly and gentle exercise . . .

I used to enjoy something more strenuous, but following a heart attack and two strokes, my strength and stamina are at a low ebb. I hope that the Weds Badminton classes will help with my recouping some of that which is lost.

It is my intention to regularly update this profile and keep anyone interested up-to-date with my progress. If any of you feel that you know of anything that might interest me, please let my know at your earliest convenience.

I have now had my third Stroke, which ended up with me in a hospital bed for a month, due to dislocated ankle, together with a fractured Fibula.
Ouch! I then came home and lay in my bed for another 5 weeks before the cast came off.

This all happened in August - September and a period of convalescence followed until Xmas. So, all-in-all, I missed summer and most of autumn, but they looked to be the same and January is no better - or worse, as it should be!

Ah well, it's 2016 and I am looking at quite massive changes to occur in this year as our Mortgage period is coming due at the end of the year and we have to sell up and move on by that time, as we have been running an interest only account in order to utilise the equity as our pension pot - which has worked out very nicely.

I should be back with major updates in the sales - rental process and will drop back every now and then until completion.

See you around!


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