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Jalali Date Format Kräver omstart

Convert Date/Received column to Jalali (Persian Date).

* Adds a column in the mail view for displaying Iranian dates for each email.
* Supports both English and Persian Iranian Date.

more info contact [email protected]

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Layout Switcher

Switches the mail layout to 'wide view' when on a large enough monitor.

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ScrollToNext Kräver omstart

Use your mouse-wheel to select the next message by placing the mouse over the right hand side of the message list pane and then scrolling.

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Close On Reply Kräver omstart

Close window or tab when you reply to a message.

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SanRockstar Kräver omstart


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OpenSearch Kräver omstart

OpenSearch is a Mozilla Messaging addon that will allow you to search the web from within Thunderbird.

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Prevent Delete Kräver omstart

Prevent deletion of messages with a defined tag.

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Zendesk Widget Kräver omstart

Provides a simple integration with Zendesk by displaying some information about the ticket when you open the notification mail for the ticket

This extension is not affiliated with Zendesk in any way. The Zendesk logo is (c) by Zendesk.

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Bigger Toolbar Buttons Kräver omstart

Forces all/any toolbar button icons to be displayed at 38x38 pixels (instead of the default 20x20 pixels). Small icons are displayed at their default size. Works with nearly all themes.

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AdvancedTasks Kräver omstart

Thunderbirds Lightning Extension: Allows the use of Markdown in Task descriptions and renders them as HTML in the TaskView.

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Notikeys Kräver omstart

Send notification to notikeys on new message arrival

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MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay Kräver omstart

Disables default delay when installing...

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Docky Unread Count Kräver omstart

Displays total unread messages in Docky.

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Classic Password Editor Kräver omstart

Adds the ability to create and edit entries in the password manager.

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MR Tech About:About Kräver omstart

Adds the following "about:" options to the Help menu

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KnujOn Kräver omstart

Forwards all emails marked Junk (as attachments) to KnujOn.com (note: they collect email reports on the coldrain.net domain). KnujOn is an organization that works to shut down junk mailers by contacting law enforcement, web hosts, etc..

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RunBeforeGetMail Kräver omstart

Execute a program before Get Mail button runs.

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QFO - Quick Fuck Off Kräver omstart

This extension serves the purpose of providing instant access to the FOAAS web service. FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

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ThunderShot Kräver omstart

Create screenshots of emails

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Orb VideoMail Kräver omstart

Toolbar button for creating videomails OF ANY LENGTH right from within Thunderbird. This is videomail freed from attachments!

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