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Názov Jonathan Kamens
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Registrovaný júl 9, 2010
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Reply to Multiple Messages Vyžaduje reštart

Add menu commands for replying to multiple messages at the same time.

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Remote Content By Folder

Decide whether to allow or block remote content in messages by comparing the names of the folders in which they are located to configured regular expressions.

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ToggleReplied Vyžaduje reštart

Enables toggling of replied, forwarded, and redirected states of messages.

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Enhanced Priority Display Vyžaduje reštart

Enhanced thread pane display of message priorities.

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Odosielateľ/Komu Stĺpec Vyžaduje reštart

Pridať “Odosielateľ/Komu” stĺpec, ktorý ukazuje príjemcu, ak ste odosielateľ.

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This is a great add-on, but unfortunately it's incompatible with the current versions of Thunderbird and SeaMonkey and its maintainer has disappeared: the web site is down and his email address bounces.

I've taken over maintenance of the add-on and created a new version which is compatible with current Thunderbird and SeaMonkey:

Quick Locale Switcher

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Unfortunately there are API changes in Firefox and Thunderbird 57 which break this add-on. I attempted to email a patch to the maintainer of the add-on, but my email bounced, so the add-on may be unsupported (and therefore permanently broken) at this point.

Custom Buttons

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Buttons don't do anything when clicked in current Thunderbird version. Numerous errors in error console from the add-on on startup and when creating or editing buttons.

Emoji Menu

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The emojis being inserted in the new version are bigger and more attractive and therefore superior.

However, they appear to be inserted in a weird way which causes the editor, at least on Linux (Thunderbird 52.1.1) to behave very oddly.

Try this:

1. Insert an emoji at the beginning of the message body.

2. Note that your text cursor disappears. Usually when this happens when you insert an image, you can make it come back by unfocusing the window and focusing again, but that doesn't work here. So, the disappearing cursor is a problem.

3. Try to move your cursor before the emoji you just typed so that you can add text before it. It's impossible.

4. Backspace to erase the emoji, then type ctrl-z to bring it back. You can't -- undo doesn't work.

I'm sure that all this is at least as much the fault of the editor as it is of the add-on, but it's still all a problem.

Send Later (old)

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I have ported this add-on to Thunderbird 3.1. See "Send Later 3" at .