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Registrovaný nov. 11, 2007
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Compact Headers

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I'm reviewing this add-on because I can't find another way to contact the developer. In the newest version of TB (115.5.1, which I hate) the add-on compacts the header area for the email, but it doesn't leave the icons showing. I would like it if the add-on would narrow the space just enough to show the icons and eliminate the text altogether. If you do that, I will definitely make a contribution. Thank you.

(The developer is addressing my concerns. Thank you.)

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For all of the following reasons, this add-on could be better:

-- On my computer, opening the add-on's Options page causes Thunderbird to crash. If there are options on that page, I can't access them.

-- From what I am able to see of the Options page, this add-on does not appear to be very configurable.

-- The add-on works by creating rules for incoming emails, and it does that when you move an email to a folder. But the add-on doesn't allow you to create a custom rule without moving the email. This is needed because similar spam emails will often arrive from many faked email addresses, and simply moving each one doesn't create a rule that works for all of them.

-- The rules are not very flexible. You cannot, for example, have two rules applied to one email -- doing so would reduce the number of emails moved to the wrong folder.

-- Every time the add-on is used, it puts a confirmation message in the upper-right corner of Thunderbird which stays on the screen for at least 30 seconds -- very annoying!

-- The developer doesn't always respond to emails or requests.

Despite all this, I am still using the add-on, although I may not use it for long.

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Quick Folder Move

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This add-on would work better for me if the folders were in alphabetic order. I'll leave it on my computer for a while to see if I can get used to it; but looking through folder names that are in random order is just too much visual searching for me. Since I have only 25 or so folders in TB, a simple alphabetical list would work best for me.

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Disable DragAndDrop (Thunderbird)

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I have been using Thunderbird for less than a week and ALREADY I have moved around folders by accident. Thank God someone made this add-on!

To answer what someone said in another review, if you DO want to move a folder, all you would need to do is to temporarily disable this add-on in the Tools menu. (If I am wrong, please let me know.)


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The TidyBird buttons take up too much vertical space. Whereas all my folders fit in the folder pane, they do not fit in the TidyBird pane, and I have to use the scroll bar. That defeats the convenience. Either the buttons need to be shrunk or the add-on needs to be redesigned.

I have a recommendation for a better add-on, but I can't find an email for Ganast.

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Save Images

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It would be nice if the add-on had the option to save only the largest image on the page (largest in terms of dimensions). I frequently download pictures from pages that have one large image on the page (the featured image) and then have a bunch of thumbnails at the bottom that show the pages before and after. Also, who wants to download all the graphics on a page along with the image you want? If this change were made, it would be perfect for me.

I just figured out that I can specify a minimum image size, which is doing approximately the same thing. I've just upgraded my rating to 5 stars. Thank you.

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