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Názov Richard A. Allcorn
Umiestnenie Georgetown, TX USA
Povolenie Writer, Public Speaker, Troubleshooter, Process Engineer, ITguy
Registrovaný apr. 20, 2017
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Rich has been a data management specialist, a virtual systems and networking engineer, a domain admin and website designer, a technologies consultant, and is a gifted photographer, and writer. He focuses on solving problems, automating repetitive tasks, and implementing solutions and connectivity, for customers and clients who work on the GRID.

He has extensive experience in electricity, electronics, communications, navigations, computers, networking, dial-up, mobile/remote-site camping/working and communications. He is a ham radio operator, licensed as a General Class radio guy; a Licensed Commercial Truck Driver Class AM (tpsx); an IT Systems Engineer/Admin & Trainer; a Boy Scout; and an Avid Camper (basecamps) and Jeep guy.

For over 2 decades he has worked as a contractor/consultant in various areas of the IT field. He specialized in mobility, virtualization, and cross-platform functionality. His mindset: it should "always work on UNIX, LINUX, MacOSx, and Windows". He is a big supporter of Open Source principles and believes that the sharing of knowledge and aiding growth and knowledge is a primary directive in the IT field.

Often called a modern day MacGyver, Rich can learn anything! He learns and understands very quickly, and remembers. He is an expert problem solver! He loves working with people, writing, speaking, and working with video & technology. He is an innovative thinker, a man of ideas and creations, of unusual designs and solutions, who loves people, and working in "the cloud”.

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see me at: rich. allcorn. us

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