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QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders) Vyžaduje reštart Odporúčané

The "Swiss army knife" of folders. Turn your favorites into tabs - open folders and subfolders, move mails without scrolling around or searching. powerful + easy.

See new mail at a glance after automatic filtering - supports quickFilters addon!

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26 095 používateľov

Search Results Sort By Date Not Relevance Vyžaduje reštart

Makes search results sort by "date" instead of "relevance" by default.

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IMAP Received Date Vyžaduje reštart

Make the “Received” column in IMAP folders show when messages were actually received.

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Disable DragAndDrop (Thunderbird) Vyžaduje reštart

A Thunderbird extension which disables drag and drop in the folder pane.
This extension prevents unintended folder movement.

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Folder Filters Button Vyžaduje reštart

Just a very simple add-on that adds a toolbar button to execute the "Run Filters on Folders" from Tools menu.

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Search as list Vyžaduje reštart

Search results appear as list (as per the "Open email as list" button).
- return to facet view with shift+close [x]
- auto open list view when few results found
- column config./sort/toggle [IMG3&4]
- apply columns to search as list menu [IMG5]

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Folder Pane View Switcher Vyžaduje reštart

Folder view arrows; switch to "All Folders" view when hovering during drag & drop; allow user to select which views are enabled or tied to the view arrows.

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Archive This Vyžaduje reštart

Provides keyboard shortcuts for filing messages into nine configurable "favorite" folders using user-defined keys. Also provides a simple filter system with a keyboard shortcut to file the currently selected message(s) into the correct folder.

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quickFilters Vyžaduje reštart

Quickly generate mail filters on the fly, by dragging and dropping mails and analyzing their attributes. Create a filter in less than 10 seconds, it's as easy as: drag, click, click.

By popular demand, supports SORTING filters alphabetically.

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Tag Sequence Arranger Vyžaduje reštart

Enable you to arrange the tag sequences in their listbox.

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MarkSubfolders New Vyžaduje reštart

Mark all read for Subfolders

It's the same like MarkSubfolders but it's compatible with Firefox 4 and later.

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Colored Folders Vyžaduje reštart

Add colors to your folders in Thunderbird!
Must-have for better organisation + intuitive and speedy workfow...

This is project "Color Folders" (originally by Fisheater), corrected, resurrected, restaurated, extended and republished.

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Mark Junk Read

Automatically marks all messages in junk folders as read.

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attachment column in search result list Vyžaduje reštart

Show the column for attachments in search results list. General search (edit-> search -> search emails) does not show by default if a message has attachments.
This addon adds this column, just as in a normal folder view.

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Awesome Auto Archive

Automatically do Archive/Copy/Delete/Move actions based on user defined rules

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Expression Search / GMailUI Vyžaduje reštart

Powerful message searching through expressions. Type "from:fred to:tom" to see all messages from Fred to Tom in the current view. Support 'regular expressions' and 'click to search'.

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This Extension implements the ManageSieve protocol for securely managing Sieve Script on a remote IMAP server...

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Resubmit Vyžaduje reštart

(Re)submit multiple messages to a predefined recipient(s)

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ImportExportTools NG Vyžaduje reštart Odporúčané

Adds tools to import/export messages and folders (NextGen)

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Silent Block

Minimum and fast URL blocker.

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