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Hi, version 1.8 seems to conflict with the add-on "Send without save" and the same button in the add-on "toolbar buttons". Messages that should be sent without saving a copy using these buttons are sent, but with a saved copy. Could you please check?

reply to Michel: The add-on "Send without save" does not seem to be downloadable any longer, but the same problem occurs with the "send without saving" button of the add-on "Toolbar buttons", which is available here at mozilla.org. The problem is not with saving messages or their drafts. The "send without saving" button in Toolbar buttons should send an e-mail without keeping a copy in the "sent" folder. However, if MRC compose is installed, a copy is always kept in the "sent" folder, regardless of whether you use the standard "send" button or "send without saving".

Fixed with 1.8.2, thank you!

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku (1.8).  Tento používateľ má ďalšie recenzie tohto doplnku.

I can't find the addon "Send witout save" so I can't test it.
Can you describe what is the conflict ?
Mrc compose doesn't modify the "save" button. mrc compose enable/disable only the "send" button if there is at least a recipient.