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Send Filter

Ohodnotené 3 z 5 hviezdičiek

This was an useful addon, because Thunderbird never applied filters to sent emails (why??).
Sadly, it doesn't work anymore in TB60.6!

Complete YouTube Saver

Ohodnotené 2 z 5 hviezdičiek

This was the only free (not freemium) and complete (all resolutions) downloader for Youtube but:
- on Firefox 52 ESR, the latest 2 versions stopped working (unclickable menu).
- lately, v5.7.31 causes some heavy memory leak on Youtube that hangs the browser.
- the dev wanted to completely rewrite the addon as a webextension, but there are no news since months. And the email address seems deactivated. This extension has probably been abandoned. :(

Tento používateľ má predchádzajúcu recenziu tohto doplnku.

Tag Toolbar / Tag Popup

Ohodnotené 1 z 5 hviezdičiek

This addon doesn't work correctly in Firefox 52.6.0.
The only feature I needed was sorting the tags, but the buttons don't change anything.

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku (0.9.00). 

Complete YouTube Saver

Ohodnotené 4 z 5 hviezdičiek

The only free addon that lets you easily save full (non-protected) videos from Youtube (even Dash formats).
It's also quickly updated after each YT change.

The current version (5.7.36), however, has still some problems:
sometimes the download fails without warning or the program doesn't mux the audio.

Example to manually join video+audio via command line:
ffmpeg.exe -i "video.mp4" -i "audio.m4a" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "1output.mp4"

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku (5.7.34).