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MCMLXVI, ISTP, A/V creative tech freedom 'pundit', paid serveradmin, techy and hacker dad of The Lux.

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This is not black. It's a transient dark grey.

Complete YouTube Saver

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OK, sorry nobody thus far is able to make an add-on out of youtube-dl -F and then let us use ffmpeg and youtube-dl to do it all with options in the background.

Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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Fluently lets me enjoy blinding white pages again by offering me styles that are dark! Never a problem if you carefully pick the well-maintained userstyles.

Those people rating this with one star must be insane or have lost their minds! This is one of the best Add-Ons that ever surfaced for Firefox. Works fluently for many websites, with a huge amount of choice and offerings and no performance hit whatsoever: http://userstyles.org/

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