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Link Properties Plus

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Follow up on my previous review.

For those of you that have a problem with opening pdf files in TB when this extension is installed, the author's suggestion of creating a boolean variable in about: cofig named "" (without the quotes ""), when set to "True", solves the problem.

If the variable is set to "False", when attempting to open a pdf file, both the pdf opening dialogue screen and TB hang will continue to hang as previously reported.

I'm now happy to up the rating to 5 stars, and am very pleased that this extension, unlike the original extension, supports TB.

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Link Properties Plus

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Much better than the original and works well on FF 17.0.1.

On TB 16.0.2, however, prevents attached pdf files from being opened - crashes TB when an attempt is made to open an attached pdf file.

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MinimizeToTray revived

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I have the same comment and problem as the previous reviewer, Knight Yoshi. In my case the problem is caused by a conflict with the "Memory Fox" add on. If I disable Memory Fox, MinTrayR works correctly on FF 17.0.1.

I think it would be more convenient for users if FF/TB could be opened from the Tray with a single, instead of double, click of the left mouse button. Alternatively, consideration could be given to using a single click of the middle mouse button to open FF/TB from the Tray.

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