Peter J. Sloetjes, MSc.

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Názov Peter J. Sloetjes, MSc.
Umiestnenie Netherlands
Povolenie Software Developer (independent)
Registrovaný nov. 13, 2011
Počet vytvorených doplnkov 8 doplnkov
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Since 1995, I have been working on all kinds of private software projects, in Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Matlab and JavaScript. In 2004, I graduated on subjects in computational mechanics and control systems. I have been a user of Firefox since 2005 and started developing extensions near the end of 2010. Writing robust and general software for Firefox and the web remains challenging. Even merely keeping extensions up to date tends to be a lot of work. Please support my work by reporting any issues you encounter and by making a yearly donation if you can afford it.

Doplnky, ktoré som vytvoril

Color Transform

Transform the colors of entire web pages or selected elements. Combine predefined themes with basic transforms. Save transforms for specific web domains.

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No Small Text

Set a minimum text size for all web content. Use the toolbar button to switch it on and off. NEW: Three preset sizes. NEW: Use mouse scroll on the toolbar button.

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79 používateľov

Perfect View

Image viewer with smooth dynamic zoom, pan and rotate. View slide shows of images or files and capture page elements and tab content. Apply image filters. Save images in various formats.

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Colorize entire web pages. Configure themes using sliders and drag-and-drop. Set domain preferences for automatic coloration.

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Window Master

Functionality for multiple screens and windows. Easily open links in other windows or on other screens, move or merge tabs, and move or merge entire windows. With graphical controls for grid positioning.

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