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Excellent lite addon that works just as described..just wish there were some options, because for some reason, when i scroll or zoom on an image, it tries to rotate it (i'm on a laptop with scroll/zoom zones on the touchpad)..no options means no way to disable this "scroll-to-rotate" function so that i can lock it to only "R-click-->Rotate Image".....otherwise, it's a very useful addon

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Hi, the mousewheel scroll to rotate was only added as one of a couple of workarounds due to a bug that prevented the right-click menu items from appearing at all in prior versions of the Add-on SDK used for this extension when installed in Firefox 17 onwards.
Sorry I didn't realise how it affected touchpads on laptops since I didn't fully test the workaround knowing it would be temporary while I waited for the bugfix to land in Add-on SDK 1.13
I've now updated Flip or Rotate Image to 0.7.2 with the workarounds removed and it's awaiting review. If you don't want to wait you can expand the "Version Information" at the bottom of the install page, click on "See complete version history" and install 0.7.2 from that page.