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removing functionality for the sake of vanity is exactly the problem with Mozilla's firefox design choices as of late. there seems to be no end to the dev team stripping out core functions that were always standard in place of useless and petty ones. while you may think it is "too" busy, that doesnt change the fact you're still removing functionality, justified/deliberate or not. sorry i don't subscribe to the way of thinking, in fact i oppose it vehemently. really wanted to like the addon, what a shame.

reply:your addon manager window is insanely small, im not trying to tell you how to run things but ...no wonder, and i suppose resizing it is out of the question? i am happy to hear you plan on making this an option when you do your re-write, glad to hear it. i might just come back to this addon. i really did give it an honest go. i just got tired of not having the buttons accessible. anyone like myself, often installing/uninstalling gresemonkey scripts will also find the missing buttons a pain. hope to see that make it in sooner than later.

It was less for vanity and more so that the buttons don't take up over half the dialog. It looks like this with the buttons enabled: https://i.imgur.com/zjQ3hGV.png.

I intend to add options to this when I rewrite it, but I have so much other crap to fix in Firefox that I haven't managed to get to that yet. In the meantime, you should still be able to use right-click -> Remove, double-click -> Remove, or this in Stylish:

@namespace url(http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul);
@-moz-document url(about:addons) {
.addon button.remove { display: inherit !important; }

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valid points made by iBreniaR. i disagree with the developer as well, removing buttons because you think its too busy? isnt that the whole point in having an addon manager. its always been there and its always been fine having it there. but then here you are removing buttons. how is someone supposed to uninstall a userscript?!
   thats right

this addon BREAKS being able to uninstall greasemonkey or scriptish scripts as the Remove button has been uh...removed. in fact you cant even find Remove in the context menu!!!! as there isn't one there normally for scripts, Uh oh!. this is most likely the biggest problem facing Classicish addon but its critical isuue for anyone using userscripts, something you do install and uninstall frequently. instead, how about an option instead of forcing these changes on by default and breaking things. that said, i still like this extension a lot. i hope it gets fixed up right away and stays around for a long time.

for the interim at least post some instructions on what file to edit to get the Remove button back on there ourselves, hopefully with out the need for another addon. i have no interest installing Stylish just to fix a UI problem in Classicish. just tell us what file to edit and what to change it to, thanks.

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