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The window just comes up blank except for left-edge icons. Doesn't matter if browser.preferences.inContent is true or false in about:config. I had to go into FF-Safe mode to disable Classicish Add-on Mgr, and now deal with the UGLY Mozilla cruft, that lacks information I want (version #'s). Hope you can fix it soon ...!

Thanks for the update! Sorry the Mozdevs have madelife so difficult for most all the add-on developers. Customizeability USED to be one of the great talking-points for using FF. Alas, no longer. Hopefully, when you do get around to fixing Classicish AOM, the rev numbers will be shown again (as they should be). Thanks for all your efforts to do things right, unlike the Mozdevs ...

Táto recenzia je pre predchádzajúcu verziu doplnku ( 

Yeah, it's very broken, sorry. I just uploaded a new version that fixes the biggest issue (the blank window), but Mozilla also landed the in-content theme for about:addons in Fx40, which totally screws up the styling, and I just haven't had the motivation to do anything about that yet.

(It's a bit of a pain to fix, because I basically need to rewrite the extension, and Australis pretty much killed all my enthusiasm for upgrading off of 3.6, so I've just been using 3.6+28.0 since then, so the horrible about:addons styling hasn't been bothering me so much. I do intend to update this extension, because I'll need to upgrade at /some/ point, but it just hasn't happened yet.)