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Имя jmozmoz
Пользователь с Март 5, 2007
Число разработанных дополнений 4 дополнения
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CompactHeader Требуется перезапуск

Add symbol in header plane to switch between compact and expanded view. New beta versions for the current beta of Thunderbird 68.0 can be found at https://github.com/jmozmoz/compactheader/

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81 093 пользователя

Sort and Search Customization Dialogs Требуется перезапуск

Sort and search for buttons in (any) toolbar customization dialog

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247 пользователей


The AutoSlide addon automatically moves the splitter between the thread and the message pane in Thundbird so that the thread pane is set to a optimal height.

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139 пользователей

Get Partial Messages Требуется перезапуск

Get the rest of all partially downloaded messages from server.

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Мои отзывы

QuickFolders (Tabbed Folders)

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This is really a very useful addon. Unfortunately, it does not work anymore with Thunderbird 57.0b1. I had to start Thunderbird in safe-mode and deactivate it.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (4.7.1). 

Saved Password Editor

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One some pages, the stored login is not shown, after the page has been loaded. Only by choosing the context menu "Anmeldedaten ändern/change login data(?)" the login name shows up.

Also it would be nice if only the login name could be stored (without a password). An obvious work around is to store a wrong/short password.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (2.7.1-signed). 


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I guess klint also contacted me. I am the author of CompactHeader. He suggests to add two buttons to convert the selected mail (in the message list pane) into a event/task, like it is done in the context menu. I implemented these two buttons and submitted a patch to lightning itself. See https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=575413

If this bug were not implemented you are very welcome to add the source code to your addon. On the other hand, you might try to get your buttons added to lightning itself. Your buttons should really be part of the lightning.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (1.3.1). 

RSS Linkify Subject

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I got the OK of the author of this addon to integrate his code in the CompactHeader addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/addon/13564). He wrote me that he is not planing to further work on this addon. So for Thunderbird 3.0 the CompactHeader addon can be used as replacement. For Thunderbird 2.0.0.x you have to manually change a line in install.rdf to 2.0.0.*. To do this change the filename rss_linkify_subject-0.1-tb.xpi to rss_linkify_subject-0.1-tb.zip. Extract the install.rdf, edit the file and add it back to the zip file. Then rename the zip file back to rss_linkify_subject-0.1-tb.xpi

RSS Linkify Subject

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This is a very useful addon. Are you planing to update it? Otherwise I would like to add this functionality to the next version my addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/addon/13564)