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Den Miller

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Имя Den Miller
Пользователь с Апрель 29, 2010
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This is a really logical step, but after years of viewing things the traditional way, this really takes some getting used to.

I'm not so sure how many would stick with it, but I can see definite benefits for those who do.

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Extra Folder Columns

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This is great.

It's amazing how often the first job after installing new software is to switch off half of the new features, and put back half the old ones!

Fair enough to keep things uncluttered if you're mystified with what all these numbers mean, or don't care, but viewing folder size information is pretty much essential for me. Why did Thunderbird feel the need to remove the choice though? It can't have gained much.

Anyway, well done on this.

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I'm surprised Thunderbird doesn't already have something as obvious as this. More should be done to stop you sending mail from the wrong account, but this is a good start.

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