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William Earl Vinyard

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Имя William Earl Vinyard
Местонахождение Tucson Arizona
Пользователь с Авг. 11, 2017
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i am being targeted by the corrupt law enforcement in North Platte Nebraska through the Lincoln County Sheriff Department where they were already found guilty of stealing 12,000 dollars from me and failed to notify me so i could file charges and only gave the sheriff deputy 9 months in county jail and even let them have work release which included him in working on a internet and scrambled cellphone task force which is suppose to be in the states hands not a counties hands illegal. Nebraska the city of North Platte the county of Lincoln used the federal government building and the banks in North Platte Nebraska to do the largest bank heist in the history f the world by illegally tapping my older brothers smartphone and putting viruses into all international airports as he traveled with the Canadian band RUSH as well as going through the internet starting at 1001 Olson Street Henderson Nevada and used 2 password stealers and a Trojan and worm virus and got into the main office and then into every plant world wide and then into every country's banking system to do this crime I have reported this since 2013 and our government will not do anything or put a stop to it the government and all nations where then terrorized by the group by them shutting down the stock market to stop them from being sentenced to death for acts of treason and internationally terroristic acts

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Nice i was born Chinese year of the dragon