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ShowFolderSize-T Требуется перезапуск

Shows folders size on disk

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Добавлено Ноя. 13, 2019

Display Mail User Agent T Требуется перезапуск

Displays the mail program with which the selected mail was written

*This addon is compatible with Thunderbird after Web Extesnsions support. Since development and operation check are done on Daily, it may not work on normal Thunderbird.

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Добавлено Ноя. 2, 2019

Minimize on Close Требуется перезапуск

Causes Thunderbird's main window to minimize instead of closing. You can still close Thunderbird through the menu.

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Добавлено Окт. 27, 2019

Open In Conversation Требуется перезапуск

Make the default message list action be "Open Message in Conversation" when double-clicking or using the "Enter" key to open an email from the message list.

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Добавлено Окт. 21, 2019

Auto Address Cleaner T Требуется перезапуск

Remove comment, display name from addresses before sending mail.

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Добавлено Окт. 16, 2019

G Suite in tab Требуется перезапуск

Abrir URL de G Suite en pestañas (por el momento solo están los botones de Calendar y Keep)

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Добавлено Окт. 13, 2019

Open Tab Требуется перезапуск

Link open in new tab.

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Добавлено Окт. 11, 2019

Toggle Word Wrap Требуется перезапуск

Toggle word wrapping and <PRE> element wrapping in the message composition and HTML display windows, respectively. Based on original version by Kaspar Brand.

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Добавлено Окт. 8, 2019

M-Hub Lite

Add Microsoft Office 365 Tabs to Thunderbird! Services supported by M-Hub Lite: Calendar, People, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Bing. Need business or enterprise support? Get M-Hub Pro: https://www.schiffner.com/software/m-hub-pro

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Добавлено Окт. 3, 2019

TabAddressbook Требуется перезапуск

Creates a tab for the addressbook.

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Добавлено Сен. 9, 2019

changeQuote Требуется перезапуск

It's an extension that changes the format of reply mails.

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Добавлено Сен. 4, 2019

Custom sync interval for Lightning Calendar Требуется перезапуск

Allows custom synchronization intervals for remote calendars imported by Lightning Calendar (no fiddling in about:config necessary)

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Добавлено Авг. 21, 2019

Remove Duplicates Требуется перезапуск

Removes duplicate messages

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Добавлено Авг. 19, 2019

OppositeTodaySubpane Требуется перезапуск

Today subpane is a emblem of Thunderbird.
When today pane is hidden for a wide view,
someone feels sorry not to have this today subpane on screen.
It is to remain today subpane on folder and subscription pane.
send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

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Добавлено Авг. 17, 2019

Copy Patch Требуется перезапуск

Copy email content to clipboard for application as patch.

Applies some filters, e.g. Outlook Safe Link unmangling, to ensure patch cleanness.

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Добавлено Авг. 16, 2019

Autocrypt Требуется перезапуск

E-Mail encryption that gets out of your way. Compatible with Autocrypt and OpenPGP.


Caution: This extension can not be used together with Enigmail. Please remove Enigmail before installing.

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Добавлено Авг. 13, 2019


Put task view up to read document of long sentences.
Put task view neutrally to read tree lists.
Put task view vertically to read document in which records are many.
praise Cardinal Soo-Hwan, Kim.

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Добавлено Авг. 9, 2019

Night and Day Dynamic

A theme that switches between sun and moon based on time of day.

This is the canonical example dynamic theme published by Mozilla: https://github.com/mdn/webextensions-examples/tree/master/dynamic-theme

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Добавлено Июль 27, 2019

Profile Switcher Требуется перезапуск

Adds options to launch other profiles.

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Добавлено Июль 24, 2019

ImportExportTools NG Требуется перезапуск Избранное

Добавляет инструменты для импорта и экспорта сообщений и папок (NextGen)

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29 873 пользователя
Добавлено Июль 15, 2019