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История версий Metal for Thunderbird

16 версий

Будьте осторожны со старыми версиями!

Эти версии отображаются только для сведения и в целях тестирования. Вам следует всегда использовать последнюю версию дополнения.

Версия 2.0.34 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 45.0 - 54.0

Updated to TB 54.0
Moved browser/skin/devtools to devtools/skin
Fixed issue in Tools/Options
Bug 1263873 - Textbox for Tag prefix in Account Settings | Blog & News Feeds too small in localized Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
Bug 1268520 - Composition / general pref panel cut off if the font dropdown box is very wide
Bug 1263207 - Unable to add line breaks in email reply with quoted text with line-height:0
Bug 1278377 - convert script types to application/javascript in Thunderbird
Bug 1308769 - Make the Edit Category dialog in-content capable
Bug 1260012 - Make it possible to hide the todayPane button text (always hide that text)
Many other little fixes & improvements

Версия 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 38.0 - 49.0

Fix menu/toolbar drag issue on TB 45.
Fix tab icon for options tabpage
Fix toolbar badge margins

Версия 2.0.33 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 38.0 - 49.0

TB max. version increased to 49.0. Min.version to 38.0
Fixed menubar issue (not selectable by mouse when autohide is turned on)
Bug 1247225 - False icon used for filelink notification bar in message compose window
Various little fixes and improvements.

Версия 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 16.0 - 47.0

Hotfix for the min/max/close buttons and max-width on addons manager issues

Версия 2.0.32 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 16.0 - 47.0

Updated maxVersion to 47.0
(Note, next version will increase minVersion to 38.0, so update your Thunderbird if it is older than 38.0)
Bug 866635 - refresh layout in the SMTP manager pane in the Account manager
Bug 364133 - Add Print option on context menu for individual address book contacts
Bug 1215905 - Get rid of the function updateStyle() in the New Event/Task dialog
Bug 1229141 - Use new itip icons in event summary dialog
Bug 1174511 - Show Required / Optional attendance on meeting invites received from other users
Improved main window styling
Improved design for addons manager / incontent preferences
And lots of other minor improvements and fixes.

Версия 2.0.30 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 16.0 - 44.0

Updated to Thunderbird 44.0:
Improved sort/filter in extensions
Bug 357012 - Week number support in multiweek/month view
Bug 368920 - Darken the background for Message Grouping (Group by Sort) headers

Версия 2.0.29 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 16.0 - 43.0

Updated to version 43.0
Fixed timezone selection window (and made it fully resizable)
Fixed MacOsX styling
Some minor style fixes.

Версия 2.0.28 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 16.0 - 42.0

Updated to version 42.0 (min version is increased to 16.0)
Refined calendar view
Fixed drag markers for editable events
Fixed couple of issues with PrintingTools
Fixed MacOS window frame issues
Added full theming support for Compose Toolbar Buttons extension
Added support for Nostalgy extension
Bug 1146331 - In-content Preferences - Don't allow text selection of titlebars of subdialogs

Версия 2.0.27 1.7 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 41.0

Updated to TB 41.0.
Add smileys in chat.
Fix category coloring in calendar views.
Fix labelalign end for delete toolbarbutton.
Fixed cropping of subject/sender in mailheader
Fixed missing icon in addons manager
New layout for incontent options
Bug 1151474 - Remove use of expression closures in im/ .
Bug 1092526 - about:downloads needs CSS styles on each platform.
Bug 1003196 - Add icons to more imip bar buttons.
Bug 990009 - Rework imipbar buttons to offer more options to the user.
Bug 36489 Combined To/From column in thread pane.
And many other little fixes and improvements.

Версия 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 39.0

Hotfix for toolbarbuttons in Text and Icon mode.

Версия 2.0.26 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 39.0

Updated to TB 39.0:
Improved calendar printing
Fixed header for browser popup for login
Fixed Twitter feed page
New addressbook icons
Bug 925746 - Option to Open the Preferences in a Tab
Bug 170270 - Enable search in multiple/all address books
And lots of other minor fixes and improvements.

Версия 2.0.25 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 34.0

Updated to TB 33.0a1
Groupbox styling for walnut/2
Add-ons manager & incontent options: better position of the logo
Fixed spacing in Tools/Options/Applications
Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code
Fixed privacy button icon in Options/Preferences
Fix appmenu button in other panels than the primary (calendar/chat/message)
Fixed tab height in maximized screen

Версия 2.0.22 1.7 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 29.0

Version bump to 29.0
Bug 362933 - Event dialog: Customize Toolbar dialog should offer more buttons for functionality
Bug 562048 - notification bar needs to look slicker
Bug 61491 - Autocomplete newsgroup names
Bug 397939 - [Today Pane] Allow more ways to navigate between the days
Bug 886124 - Add UI for extraction
Bug 939031 - Unable to drag window by empty space in tab bar.
Messengercompose: Move "to:" field close button to the end. Improved person icon
Messengercompose: improve layout of addressingwidget.
Move the audio volume bar in audio/video within the controlbar itself.
Use consistently same fonts for monospace and add Menlo for Mac.
Bug 920677 - Click-to-play plugins fail to show placeholder after resizing
Fixed fullscreen for html video
More consistent focus bar throughout (outline->box-shadow)

Версия 1.7 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 27.0

Fix error in chrome.manifest.

Версия 2.0.20 1.7 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 27.0

Added support to TB version upto 27.0
Bug 877520 - Thunderbird should make use of exif orientation when displaying attached images
Added support for Mail Redirect
Added support for Google Task Sync
Improved styling for minimonth widget
Lots of minor fixes and improvements
Metal: extend background image size
Fix boldfacing of busy days in minimonth widget.
Fix appmenu and menu icons in messagewindow.

Версия 2.0.16 1.8 MiB Работает с Thunderbird 5.0 - 23.0

Update maxVersion to 23.0
Display Contact Photo extension: Improved layout for contact photo's in message header and chat pages.
newmailalert: improved layout and nicer icon.
messagebody: correctly set spacing.
multimessageview: use messagedisplay font for the messages.
messageview: improved layout of header
Consistant image for buddy picture across messaging and chat.
Improved layout for invitations in message display and print.
Improved layout for task display.
Extensions: Removed old stuff from extensions.css
Extensions: color icon on mouse hover of addons
Improved spring icon
Overrule Linux images-in-button setting to always show button icons
Fixed tooltip margin
And a couple of minor improvements.