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Extremely useful add-on, thanks a lot for it, Günter.
If it were possible, for me it would be very useful to show the whole folder path in the 'Recent' pane, as I have many folders, some with the same name, as 'leaves' of higher folders in the hierarchy. I suppose that just the name for the folder is OK for most users, but for me it would be better the long path name even though the 'Recent' pane had to be much wider.
Regardless of this 'wish', the add-on is a must for seriously managing the email.

Это отзыв для предыдущей версии этого дополнения (3.7). 

The 'Recent' (and 'Favorites') panes are standard Thunderbird functions. They are identical to the panes which are shown when you select 'Move To' or 'Copy To'. I have no control of what is shown there. Probably there is a global preference which changes what is shown but you have to search for it elsewhere.