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I really like this add-on to organize my outgoing mail. Some days ago I installed TB with "maildir" instead of "mbox" mail storage and installed Copy Sent to Current as well. But it seems that it doesn't work with maildir - although "ask for folder when sending" is enabled, no popup is shown to select the folder and the outgoing mail goes directly to the sent folder.
Can you please check the maildir support? I now need maildir as I have many problems with mbox - especially the *.msf files (duplicate mails are shown) - with the folders located on my NAS now. And I don't want to miss Copy Sent to Current.

Thanks! I solved it by changing "other folder" to "select / chose folder when sending" (I have the German UI, so I don't know the right English text) under (account settings | copies and folders - and now it works as expected!
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Probably the add-on didn't found the sent-folder (i know, there should be an error message...)

Be sure, all folders from the server are shown in TB:

Go to 'Tools' > 'Account Settings' > 'Server Settings' for the mail account. Click on 'Advanced' button, Uncheck: 'Show only subscribed folders'. Close popups. Double click on the account two times to get all folders from the server.

If this doesn't help, please contact me by email.