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Christmas Berries & Balls by M♥Donna

Evaluată cu 4 din 5 stele

Festive and sophisticated but visually clean. Allows me to easily read all of my tabs.

Winter Woods Moonlight by M♥Donna

Evaluată cu 4 din 5 stele

I really enjoy the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic of this theme, as it reminds me of the Christmas cards and wrappings of my childhood. It is perfect for early December -- a calm segue from Thanksgiving to the holly jolly red and green of Christmas. ---Firefox 52.0.2


Evaluată cu 5 din 5 stele

Sets a gentle mood for the emergence of leaves in spring as the winter chill departs.

Gets five stars because the coloration, gradient and graphics allow me to discern needed toolbar bookmarks, buttons and tabs at a glance without the visual chaos of some personas.

winter at the lake - Jen

Evaluată cu 5 din 5 stele

A very calming, peaceful scene that remained atop my browser long after Christmas and New Year's had passed. The coloration allows for easy viewing of tabs and toolbar bookmarks at a glance.