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Utilizator din Martie 29, 2013
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In a little more detail...

Hello friends and fellow add-on/persona lovers!

I think Firefox having themes handy that allow you to completely dress up your browser with whatever you want, including what's already available, is pretty awesome. When I'm here, I spend most of that time collecting and using my favorite ones, and sometimes I create a few myself~ I thoroughly enjoy my time here and all the lovely themes and extensions. Also hope to contribute something just as useful.

Thanks for reading!

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Bottom at the Forest Floor

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I love how Spring-like this feels without the colors being blinding ^^.

Pansies in Black & White

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I love the contrast between the flowers and the background... I like to use themes like this one around spring time, and I can't wait to use this one!

Thank you very much! Hope you've enjoyed a great New Years as well~

Red Hot Roses

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Ohh, I love the color combination on this one. The red, black and text color just click, and the layout is spot-on.

Cutest Cat in the World

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This is just too precious <3

Tiger fur - Peau de tigre

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Beautiful texture!

Bubbles and Sky

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Love this one!

Cherry Blossom Time...

Evaluată cu 5 din 5 stele

Very beautiful color combination.


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One of my absolute favorites. Love the positioning, the text being visible, and the image itself.